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My parents call me  Taylor Shea, 
but since you aren't my dad, 
you can call me TShea.

      Some people light up a room. I, however, set it on fire. I have a big personality and I am not afraid to use my voice. 

  I don't just show up to things, I am present. I listen and contribute. An added bonus is that there's seldom a dull moment when I'm around.

Three things that guarantee I am not an average girl:

1. I became an adult at the age of seven. No, I didn't have any babies, but my parents wanted me to get motherhood experience so they adopted twins. 

2. At age 20, I grew two inches.  Two titanium rods later, I became the bionic woman.  I can't bend my back but my posture is impeccable. 

3. I'm allergic to all nuts. My only request as I lie on my death bed is that I am surrounded by the following: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Jif Peanut Butter ( mostly smooth but willing to try chunky), Reese's  Pieces, Nutter Butters, 100 Jars of Nutella, and my family. 


Goodby Silverstein & Partners | May 2022- Present 

MAIP internship with Duncan Channon | Summer 2021




Phone: (602)-370-5936


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