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Art Director: Ben Burgoyne

Creative Directors: Rony Castor & Tony O'nielle 


The first car where the safety feature is the car itself.

Since 2017, over 600 Black people have been killed during routine traffic stops by police in America. The Driving While Black car was built to highlight the double standards Black people experience during the most common interaction with police—traffic stops. This project brings attention to the absurdity of these standards and gives people a clear perspective about the social injustice Black people face every time they get behind the wheel. From the absence of a glove box to a modified the steering wheel to even the absence of a trunk, this car is equipped to keep drivers alive. We launched the car at the most important car event of the year: the Detroit Auto Show.


Our website educates visitors about the tragic stories behind each feature and gives them a better understanding of why each piece of the car is necessary. Viewers are invited to get involved by not only bringing awareness to the campaign but also learning how they can bring change to law enforcement in their community.

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